“After a five year hiatus, Freya has been carefully developing her sound and the proof is in the honey-filled pudding that will melt your ears.” – British Vogue

Get familiar with Norwich-based artist, producer and label owner, Freya Roy, exploring the depths of Neo Soul, Jazz and R&B. After a 5 year hiatus from releasing music, Freya steps back into the spotlight with the release of her crowdfunded-debut album AHLKE under her independent label, FCR Music. It has definitely been a long, long journey for Freya who has patiently honed her craft and she certainly didn’t waste the intervening time.

Freya looks set to make up for lost time in 2019 having crowd-funded over £1,000 to help launch AHLKE as well as being one of the talented artists to receive support and round two funding from the MOBOs Help Musicians Fund. Kicking off the release with the debut single ‘Midnight Train’, it’s easy to understand why she’s receiving support from both inside and outside of the industry. Coming back to the surface with her UK TOUR announcement and upcoming second single ’22 Movements’, Roy takes her listeners through a shimmering landscape of Neo Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop. With a perfect blend of serene vocals and a groovy backbeat, the lyrics reflect on Freya’s experiences of coming out during her university years and exploring her sexual identity. Referring to the taboo subject of the sexualisation of gay women, this powerful, thought-provoking track gives us an insight for what is to come with the rest of the album. Dropping officially on March 25th, the track has already gained Freya huge respect from the likes of Foundation FM’s DJ Ellie Prohan and Vogue to name but a few. Following shortly at the beginning of April, the music video features a beautiful solo performance from UK-renowned ballet and contemporary dancer, Salome Pressac, whose improvised dance reflects on the writing of Freya’s ’22 Movements’.

Featuring some of Submotion Orchestra’s top players, including pianist and composer, Taz Modi, horn player Simon Beddoe, and mix engineer, Dom Howard, AHLKE is an exciting project and if the unheard tracks, dropping on April 29th, are anything like the first two single releases, it will be something that certainly must not be missed.

“Expertly-crafted with a strong soulful voice” – Resonance FM

“I am so gassed by that incredible human being. Go and see her on tour because she is going to be
insane” – DJ Ellie Prohan, Foundation FM

“What a beautiful cocktail of Neo Soul and Jazz” – Somewhere Soul

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